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Stack technologies and approaches

Frontend development

We develop SPA and SSR applications using Vue.js (Nuxt.js), React.js (Next.js) frameworks.

TypeScript with any frameworks for best typing check of application.

Do server interaction with REST API or GrahpQL.

HTML, SCSS, PostCSS, animations and surely responsive layout for different devices and measures.

Using BEM methodology, do cross-browser compatibility checking.

Stylelint and ESLint for code style checking. Husky for commit hooks.

Component, Unit, Snapshot, e2e tests.

Backend development

We are guided by various development principles (KISS, DRY, SOLID, GRASP etc.).
Symfony, Laravel depending on the complexity of the project.

We know how to refactor legacy projects by implementing Symfony components.
Also can assemble the project from the necessary individual components (PHP-DI, FastRoute, etc.)

PHP with design patterns.
PHPStan for static code analysis.
PSR code style control (php-cs-fixer, PHP_CodeSniffer etc.).

MySQL or PostgreSQL for database.

GitLab, GitHub using CI/CD.

Unit, functional, acceptance and integration tests using PHPUnit.

Redis and others for caching, RabbitMQ for messaging brokering.

OpenAPI (swagger) for API documentation

Docker for development and deployment on servers.


Graphic design, illustration, video, motion design, animation, iconography, typography, 3D.

Prototyping of interface before final design.

Documentation for design and UI / UX.

Some projects

Online store of elite kitchen utensils for home - Williams Et Oliver

We did migration of old version store to new design and new technology stack.

Built SRR web application on Nuxt.js and TypeScript on frontend.

Also built admin part of online store, SPA on Nuxt.js and Vuetify.

Backend on nginx, Symfony, PHP8, MySQL, RabbitMQ, OpenAPI.

Integrations: 1C, SailPlay, DaData, photo bank, payment systems.

Docker for development and deployment on servers.

Internal service for sellers at retail outlets

We created SPA service where sellers can scan product barcodes and create order with customer on place.

Also depend of user role this service include ERP system.

Built on Nuxt.js with TypeScript, REST API and did bar code scanner with getUserMedia.

Backend on nginx, Symfony, PHP8, MySQL, RabbitMQ, OpenAPI.

Integrations: 1C, SailPlay, DaData, photo bank, payment systems.

Docker for development and deployment on servers.

Online store of overalls from the manufacturer - Technoavia

We create independent component's system for frontend on React.js.

We used Bit Harmony - open-source toolchain for composing modern applications from independent components.

Also we do partial integration of these components to online store, that migrating to Next.js.

Medical process management service

We did SPA business logic, which allows nurses to monitor the condition of patients undergoing hemodialysis in real time.

We did interfaces, program business logic on JavaScript using React, REST API and Web Sockets.

Leading online book store

We are integrated to the ream of leading online book store of Russia.

We carry out maintenance of the old site version and do transition to the new stack: Nuxt.js / Composition Api

Also We develop internal services, administrators' offices and affiliate programs.

Editor for developing vector mnemonic diagrams

We developed web application for creating and monitoring vector mnemonic circuits that allow you to control and  production systems on energy and industrial enterprises.

The development used the mxGraph vector graphics engine. Additional interfaces were developed on React.js.

Security control system for web application code

We developed SPA for testing applications source code on vulnerabilities using the static analysis method.

We developed existing customer interfaces and also did new business logic on React.js and TypeScript, API interaction on GraphQL.

Flexible approach to scooperation

Quick start

We help speed up the launch of the project.

We effectively prioritize tasks.

We continuously improve the project after launch.

Individual conditions

We form a cooperation suitable format for your company.

We work according to actual labor costs or a fixed cost, decomposing the project into iterations.

Team selection

We select the most suitable specialists for your project.

We develop our own database of responsible executors, which allows us to quickly scale.

Start project

Send project description, tasks and technologies to email or telegram.

Manager will contact you, ask questions and estimate the cost.


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